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25th June 2017:

I've finally posted a page of photos taken in Cala Bona & Cala Millor last year, those who are Facebook friends will have seen some of these before but there are some different ones.

Cala Bona & Cala Millor 2016


Cala Bona & Cala Millor Sept / Oct 2016
18th June 2017:

Since yesterday I've been transferring my websites from one service provider to another, there was some expected downtime yesterday but overall this has been a pretty smooth transition.

Today I've begun the process of removing the backup sites from their original locations as they are stored with my previous service provider. I'll consider the possibility of new backup sites in time, though I feel there may no longer be a need for them.

For up-to-date system status notifications regarding my websites go to: http://hrvt.tripod.co.uk  If ever my sites go down this notification page should have the latest developments. Remember to bookmark it though.

This week my lovely boy cat Charley passed away aged 17 and 11 twelfths and it was sad to see the little feller go. He had been a wonderful companion and there won't be a day I won't miss him. Cats are cool, they really are.

Charley: 1999 - 2017

29th May 2017:

Roger Moore popped off on 23rd May 2017 at the age of 89 and while not wholly unexpected for such an age was a sad moment anyway as he always came across as being a nice guy. Loved his version of Simon Templar The Saint as well as Brett Sinclair (The Persuaders) and James Bond. He was able to take the mickey out of himself too and his sense of humour made him many friends. Always wanted to be The Saint as a kid, more so than The Dr in Dr Who.

I held my own "Watch What He Was In" day and this consisted of:

Ivanhoe: Episode 16: Brothers In Arms

The Alaskans: Episode 33: Calico

Maverick: Season 4 Episode 1: The Bundle From Britain

The Saint: The House On Dragons Rock

The Persuaders: Greensleeves

The Spy Who Loved Me

He did a heck of a lot of stuff really including a whole bunch of other films including The Man Who Haunted Himself, The Wild Geese, Escape To Victory, etc and I'm gonna start watching some of those again. He was a true great and his passing is a great loss to those of us who consider ourselves fans.

The Spy Who Loved Me Poster

14th May 2017:

'Ow do, me video This Is Cala Bona seems to have been viewed over 3400 times across 51 countries since 25th March so I'm pleasantly surprised by that. It shows how popular that place is that's for sure.

Am re-visiting an old video of mine titled Xonus and have been restoring it up to almost watchable status. Not sure if I'll post it on-line or not but have mostly been enjoying working on it. Have been having a break from it since Easter though, needed a rest and the day-job has been keeping me more than occupied to the point I don't rush to get onto a PC when I am home. It'll get finished at some point.

Doctor Who series 10 started 15th April and it's been a mixture of 3 good and 2 average so far. I think Bill Potts has been excellent so far though, Pearl Mackie is just great in the role. Keep her Chibnall, keep her!

25th March 2017:

'Ow do, as of last October I've re-started video editing (using more recent versions of the programs I once used), editing short holiday videos for use within a larger one with five up already (links below).

I've been working on the main holiday video that's 43 minutes long and has now been posted as of today: This Is Cala Bona.

Whilst editing the above I took a break from that and returned to a 1998 film / music project I worked on in WHY Productions titled Taking What's Mine. The main production and three associated music sequences have recently been digitally transferred to YouTube and that can be found further down this page. I'd long considered this an unfinished project and it's been largely unseen for some time so here it is at last.

This is more or less the edit as was made back then albeit I've linked the four individual videos into one as was my original intention back when I was editing them. Plus I had to create a new WHY logo as the original wouldn't load and I didn't feel like spending hours recreating the original.

For the future there's a couple of mini videos to edit. Then I'm off down the pub.

This Is Cala Bona Poster

Above: Faux fun poster thrown together for the arrival of This Is Cala Bona to the internet

Saturday 25th March 2017

This Is Cala Bona

Holiday video showing how nice Cala Bona, Mallorca (Majorca) is from the scenery to the people to the atmosphere. Edited using footage mostly from 2016 with bits from previous years. It's as much a holiday video as it is about the place and as such features other places visited during that holiday; Son Servera, Bar Playa (Costa De Los Pinos), Porto Cristo, & Palma. Cala Bona is next to Cala Millor and this wonderful place (with Cafe Del Sol) also features.

Length: 42 mins 53 seconds

Taking What's Mine Poster

Above: Mini poster thrown together to announce the arrival of the TWM digital transfer to the internet

Sunday 19th March 2017

Taking What's Mine

Largely unseen in the year of its release 1998 or since, this is the film / music project I worked on with Phil Young, Laurence Williams & Nickely Burke. The basic plot is that a man wakes up as a prisoner of aggressive people and who then spends as much time trying to get away from them whilst heading towards... something.

Length: 31 mins 16 seconds

Taking What's Mine videocover V1 (original version)Taking What's Mine videocover V2 (produced some time later)

Above: The two different video covers I designed for TWM: the original one on the left was the more widely-seen version.

Sunday 4th December 2016

Bar Playa, Costa De Los Pinos

The fifth of a few holiday videos to come, this is a very short one of the excellent Bar Playa, Costa De Los Pinos, Majorca / Mallorca. Great food, great drinks, great staff, great entertainment. There's a very nice beach nearby and the scenery is wonderful. Filmed / edited / posted in HD widescreen.

Length: 1 min 48 seconds

Sunday 27th November 2016

Boat Ride To Porto Cristo

The fourth of a few holiday videos to come, this is a short one of a boat ride to Porto Cristo, Majorca / Mallorca. I'd been out late the night before and the day this was filmed was very hot so I didn't find this an easy ride! Filmed / edited / posted in HD widescreen.

Length: 3 mins 41 seconds

Sunday 6th November 2016


The third of a few holiday videos to come, this is a short one of Palma, Majorca, centred mostly in and around the Cathedral there. Filmed / edited / posted in HD widescreen.

Length: 5 mins 50 seconds

Sunday 23rd October 2016

The second of a few holiday videos to come, this is a short one of a lovely Majorcan town called Son Servera. Filmed / edited / posted in HD widescreen.

Length: 2 mins 35 seconds

Sunday 16th October 2016

My first editing since 2010, this is a tiny edit of a song performed at Hotel Cala Bona on 4th October 2016. The song is "American Icons My My", performed by Duo Maritim. Written by Bob Richardson who also has a version of this performance on his own YouTube channel. This is a low-ish resolution version converted from a HD version. I aim to get the HD version up, one day!

Length: 4 mins 3 seconds

A list of the filming stuff I've been involved with over the years can be found here.

Below: books you surely can't live without and all containing the words Tim Harris (and very likely the words Andrew O'Day too)

The Language of Doctor Who - Book Cover

The Language of Doctor Who: From Shakespeare to Alien Tongues (Science Fiction Television) [Hardcover]

by Jason Barr, Camille D. G. Mustachio

With a chapter (and Bad Wolf-related joke) written by Andrew O'Day.

May 16, 2014

Hardcover: 304 pages

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

1442234806     978-1442234802

Order from Amazon.co.uk

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Contains my two favourite words in print: Tim Harris

Below: four must-buy books for any occasion:              

Doctor Who - The Eleventh Hour     

Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour

Edited with an Introduction by Andrew O'Day.     Chapters by Richard Hewett, Frank Collins, Matthew Kilburn, Dee Amy-Chinn, David Budgen, Simone Knox, Jonathan Bignell, Piers D. Britton, Vasco Hexel, Matt Hills, Brigid Cherry, Neil Perryman, and Ross P. Garner

Order from Amazon.co.uk

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Contains those all important words in print: Tim Harris.

New Dimensions of Doctor Who 'Doctor Who in Time and Space' edited by Gillian I Leitch. Book cover featuring Billie Piper and Christopher Eccleston'Terry Nation' published book cover

1 New Dimensions of Doctor Who

Order from Amazon.co.uk          (Pre-order from Amazon.com)

  Edited by Matt Mills with a chapter written by Andrew O'Day

An all-important book in that it features those two favourite words of mine in print: Tim Harris.

2 Doctor Who in Time and Space

Order from Amazon.co.uk          Kindle edition: Amazon.co.uk

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  Edited by Gillian I Leitch with two chapters written by Andrew O'Day

Much more importantly, this book contains a few uses of my two favourite words in print, Tim Harris. Not only this but there are quotes from myself which unquestioningly make this book automatically even more important (to me anyway). It also contains quotes from James Spence.

If you can afford the price tag this is the book to buy; leave 50 Shades of Grey on the shelf where it belongs.

3 Terry Nation Order from Amazon.co.uk          Order from Amazon.com
  Written by Jonathan Bignell and Andrew O'Day.

This book features stills provided by myself and features those all important words: Tim Harris.

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